The leyends of the hidden temples and the golden banana

Anything and everything I have ever experienced dwarfs next to the grandiosity of Angkor. If it is possible to be dumbfounded by three days in a row, then that’s what I was. Also… Continue reading

Hop hop island hop

Let’s start by stay clear of Phuket. The mega tourist island (aka little Russia) feels like the Bahamas or key West on steroids. No charm at all, and of course pretty beaches, but… Continue reading

Chiang Mai and the mountain people

Chiang Mai used to be the Thai capital. It has a history of wars, invasion, and it has a splendorous temple on every corner. It is also a backpacking heaven, and incredibly touristy.… Continue reading

Bangkok: City of Angels?

Last night I had a very long nightmare of a gigantic tiger that kept trying to hunt me down, and there was nothing I nor anyone could do to escape it. I figured… Continue reading

Mumbai baby!

The city of Bollywood. Of riches. Of chaos. Of slums. If Delhi is DC, then Mumbai is NYC, and the atmosphere is palpable from the second you begin to see the skyscrappers. From… Continue reading

Jaisalmer: the golden city

“Andrea get out here now!” shouted my mom from outside the toilet. Geez OK FINE. I peed quickly, washed my hands and as patted them dry I heard the banging music. I pushed… Continue reading


After the golden triangle, this city was a rest for the senses and a small step away from the massive tourism. The 6 hour car ride from Agra left us quite exhausted, but… Continue reading

The pink city


I was truly happy to finally be in Nishesh’ s city and see if this would help me understandmaim a bit more. The amber temple was completely out of the ordinary. We had already seen therede temples in both Delhi and Agra, but getting up there in mountains and seeingethics splendor

The world must be coming to an end in a zombie apocalypse.

I wake up with a bang on the window and car horns attempting to drown out the next. I turn around and see two beady black eyes coming from a skeletal figure staring… Continue reading

Quarter life crisis: one way ticket to India

I quit everything and left. I sold my furniture on Craigslist, had a few goodbye happy hours, and parted from the lovely city of Washington that had given me so much joy for… Continue reading