Love/hate Vang Vieng

If a restaurant is not playing Friends then I’m not sitting in it. Yes I know, sounds ridiculous, but about half of the restaurants in this city play the American sitcom loudly on… Continue reading

To Laos or not to Laos…

I asked this question on Facebook, to random travelers, to my friends….the reason was more logistical than whether I was interested or not: I would be heading in the opposite direction than I… Continue reading

Eat in Hanoi, Awe in Halong

We do not have these limestone mountains in America. Ever since I got to South East Asia, this is what has shocked me the most. These island -rocks that violently eject from the… Continue reading

The magic of overnight trains

For the first time I had a rocky sleep on an overnight train. For some reason this one sways and shackles a lot more frantically than the others, making my compartment feel like… Continue reading

Before the communists there was a dynasty and it’s capital was Hue

I am currently sitting where the emperor Mang used to sit for recreational use, on a gazebo type place facing a beautiful lake. The sign says he use to sit here for ”… Continue reading

Vietnam 300 years ago, today: the charming city of Hoi An

I have been travelling with a couple of Argentinian guys since they decided to take my same train from Saigon to Danang. We had to get to Hoi An after, and got on… Continue reading

Saigon craziness

Ho Chi Minh city is the first place I’ve felt overwhelmed in since I left India. The city, better known as Saigon,has four million motorcycles, for eight million people. I swear that in… Continue reading

Couch surfing in the Mekong Delta

Imagine sleeping on the floor with 3 Vietnamese girls, sharing the space approximate to a queen size bed. Except, well, there was no bed. No mattress. My couch surfing became more of a… Continue reading

A river story: From Cambodia to Vietnam

In India people said I looked Indian, but they knew I wasn’t. In Thailand, on the other hand, people more like accused me of being Indian, since when I said I wasn’t they… Continue reading

Phnom Penh and the tuk tuk wars

Hearing children’s laughter inside this school turned prison/torture chamber sounds perverse, as if though those laughing were ghosts of students past before they knew what awaited them. The irony of the place it… Continue reading