Before the communists there was a dynasty and it’s capital was Hue

I am currently sitting where the emperor Mang used to sit for recreational use, on a gazebo type place facing a beautiful lake. The sign says he use to sit here for ” fishing, scenery beholding and watching the horizon”. Even I feel like writing poetry right now instead of the blog post. Complete serenity a d beauty… Danm, then again. I knew my peace couldn’t last that long.

After a few days traveling with the argentinians, I kind of want to smack their heads together. Its not their fault they are obnoxious, they are after all Argentinians. But I think it’s time we part ways.

Hue is a great historical city, being the Nguyen dynasty city from 1802 to 1945. But you do not need to stay there more than one night, atbleadt thats what I told myself cause im running on a visa-tight schedule. We took a three hour sleeper bus (this means that instead of seats they have a bizarre alignment of dentist chair like contraptions, almost completely horizontal) from Hoi An. We got to the hotel at about noon, and then went out to walk around the citadel, which is beautiful. The night market was one of the scariest I’ve seen, since we went around the back where all the meat sellers are and all the dead and live animals usually vivid in the morning look like gruesome night creatures crawling in the dark. Dead cow, pigs, squids, moving tentacles, sliminess…

But my favorite part was going on a motorcycle to the surrounding tombs. We went by motorcycle in the rain, across beautiful rice fields to this magical place where I sit right now. For the first time we had locals taking photos of us, but I think it was because of how ridiculous we looked with our helmets and rain protection. When I think of majestic East Asian palaces and gardens, this is the picture that comes to mind.

Go to cafe on thu wheels for booking tours around the city or surrounding tombs. They should be about $10 USD each.