Hop hop island hop

Let’s start by stay clear of Phuket. The mega tourist island (aka little Russia) feels like the Bahamas or key West on steroids. No charm at all, and of course pretty beaches, but so full it’s depressing. Don’t go. There was also a full moon party going on in the islands, and I had absolutely no interest in going. If that’s your cup of tea, it’s supposed to be Legen- wait for it…. Yeah, keep waiting.

Ko Lanta: A laid back sweet little sister to Phuket, the island is not for partiers but it does have civilization. I rented a scooter (sorry dad! I lasted 25 years w/o doing that) and went all around the island. Pretty great! You can look at the sunset from the top of the mountains and have a great view of the neighboring islands. I did end up losing the keys to the scooter though… Haha but the people who rented it to me (Lanta House… Stay there if you are a backpacker) were nice enough about it.

Ko kradan: my absolute favorite! Its small and there’s only 4 hotels on it, not even roads. After losing the scooter keys I though I had lost my only ride to the island. I approached a travel agency, already defeated, and asked if there was any way I could make it there. She called someone and two minutes later I was on a speed boat with a bunch of people and a lot of snorkeling gear. I was on one of the four islands trips they do from the hotels, and no idea where we were going. The good thing was that I got a trip to the emerald cave, where you have to go under some very scary looking rocks and into a cave where the tide only allows for about two feet of air between the water and the ceiling, and you are sandwiched. Kind of scary, but also pretty awesome

In the island I got to the guest house called Paradise Lost, owned by an American named Wally. I stayed in an adorable little wooden bungalow with a fan and a mosquito net. I finally got my wish of a remote island! This is a place where the photos matter, and I will absolutely upload them as soon as I get a chance. Wish I had stayed here longer…. I met a bunch of older Europeans who ended up being important artsy people and I didn’t even know it. They gave me all sorts of advice on my travel to Cambodia, all of which I took! I am discovering that I have more in common in what in want to see with the 40+ peeps or the couples than the backpackers… Am I getting old or is it the fact that I’m alone that makes me strive for a more cultural/introspective trip? No binge drinking for me in Thailand my friends!