The pink city

I was truly happy to finally be in Nishesh’ s city and see if this would help me understand him a bit more. The Amber Fort was completely out of the ordinary. We had already seen the Red Forts in both Delhi and Agra, but getting up there in mountains and sucking in this splendor… It was quite incomparable to the others. First, it felt much better maintained. And second, the surrounding mountains made it feel like a city in the sky. There is a long winding wall protecting the city, great wall of China style, but of course, the miniature version. The palace of mirrors was again breathtaking. The elephant ride up I have mixed feelings about. It was fun, but our elephant driver man kept hitting the animal and making it go very fast. We kept asking him to go slower, but he did not pay attention until my mom said “slower or no tip!” ah! Magic words.

We had lunch at LMB, recommended by Lonely Planet. We had a vegetarian thali, but my mom could barely eat any of it because of how spicy it was. After we managed to get rid of our guide, who got genuinely mad when we told him we didn’t want to go see precious stones nor jewelry with him (after spending half our Agra day in stores I had had quite enough) and started being downright rude! I quote “I like Brazilians you know? They are not cheap!” mmmm lovely. We managed to finally get rid of his rude butt and walk around the pink city bazaars. It was very fun! My mom ended up being quite a good bargainer. She learned the phrase “not for you, not for me” and named a price. It was hilarious!

Our hotel was the Taj of Jaipur, a real life palace filled with a gigantic group of holistic medicine people from the US. These hotels are kind of ridiculous, and I remember spending the same amount of money to stay in an average hotel in Capadoccia, Turkey. Ate butter chicken…. Soo good! I love the food here oh so much. Wish I could just come to sit down and eat every day.