Holly shit it’s Hong Kong

After so much sun, beach, more sun, and islands, I made it to my last destination: The amazing city of Hong Kong. Making the decision of not going to mainland China was not… Continue reading

The Gilli Islands

All I could think about after climbing the Gunung Rinjani was relaxing on a beautiful sunny beach in the Gilli islands off the northern coast of Lombok. Everyone talked about them, and I… Continue reading

Lombok and the hike up the Gunung Rinjani

They say is good to not over think some things. From Bali to the neighboring island of Lombok, I was still trying to make up my mind about hiking up the Gunung Rinjani,… Continue reading

Bali 2- Ubud, where you will run out of words for green

In an organic cafe where I was drinking a tea for my Kappa (or was it Vata?) a Balinese man started playing the Australian instrument, didgeridoo, toward me, to rid me of bad… Continue reading

Bali I: Kuta beach, the peninsula and Ulu Watu

I absolutely hate it. That is my first reaction as the cab driver drives me from the airport of Bali’s capital, Denpasar, to the biggest, most touristic beach in the island, Kuta. It’s… Continue reading

Singapore, the country of prohibitions

I didn’t know what to expect from Singapore. It always sounded like a rich, over-sterile place with not too much charm or soul. What I found was a break from the heat, from… Continue reading

Kuala Lumpur-where all the trains meet and have a party

Finally, a place I could move to. I don’t know what it is about Kuala Lumpur. The truth is, I did it on the cheap, and not on purpose, I just for some… Continue reading

Cooking class in Chiang Mai

Why haven’t I done this before? They are all over South East Asia, but for some reason I had not attempted one yet. I think usually I decided there are more important things… Continue reading

The Gibbon Experience (more like the Peter Pan experience)

Zip zip zip tree house zip This pretty much summed up the famous Gibbon Experiencein Bokeo natural reserve cradled in the Lao-Thai border. No, we didn’t see Gibbons, but we kind of already… Continue reading

Don’t get a gun, get a bucket

I returned to Luang Prabang just so I could get a taste of the Lao New year from the 13 to 15 of April, the hottest month of the year in Laos. Rightly… Continue reading